Project Description

The Prince William Water Board of Directors has approved a Capital Improvement Program (CIP) project to improve the drinking water supply available to its current and potential future customers residing within our area of service on Bull Run Mountain and at Evergreen.  This includes customers who live in Bull Run Mountain Estates and near Evergreen Country Club.

Engineering and hydrogeological analyses began in early 2019. Construction of new wells and piping that will be required to connect these wells to our distribution system is expected to begin in 2024 with a one- to two-year schedule for completion.

  • Improve the well system to ensure adequate water supply, which may involve rehabilitation of existing wells and/or construction of new wells; and
  • Enhance the quality of the water delivered to our customers.

Project Information

Project Start Date spring 2019
Construction Start Date
Estimated Completion Date summer 2026

Current Project Activities

Additional Information

The information shown reflects current information about the project.

Property Owners Meeting Audio Files

February 23, 2022