Water main breaks can impact water service and disrupt traffic. Recognizing and reporting a water main break helps Prince William Water respond quickly and make the necessary repairs. Signs of a water main break outside your home may include unusual water flow, sinkholes, pavement cracks or standing water. Signs inside your home can include low water pressure, discolored tap water or strange sounds in plumbing, like gurgling and groaning.

How to Report a Potential Water Main Break

To report a potential water main break during business hours, Monday-Friday 8 a.m.- 5 p.m., contact Customer Service at (703) 335-7950. For after-hours emergencies, call Emergency Dispatch at (703) 335-7990. Prompt reporting aids swift response and repair, minimizing disruption to customers.

After a Water Main Break

Prince William Water responds swiftly to repair water main breaks, prioritizing customer safety and service restoration. Prince William Water informs customers if a service interruption is expected during repairs. For water main break repairs requiring road excavation, temporary asphalt patches are utilized, with permanent paving completed by contractors within six to eight weeks.

Repair duration varies based on factors such as pipe material, size, break type and accessibility. Soil characteristics, pipe age, ground temperature changes and accidental damage contribute to water main breaks. Crews work diligently to ensure safe and efficient repairs.

After service restoration, customer should flush plumbing systems to remove air or sediment. Run cold water from the highest tap for 5-10 minutes. If issues persist, such as sputtering or cloudy water, contact Emergency Dispatch at (703) 335-7990 for assistance. Your safety and water quality are our top priorities.

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