A Regional Leader

Prince William Water is the regional leader in supplying clean water and superior service to a large and ever-growing metropolitan population. We are a nationally recognized model for excellence, sustainability, industry best practices and environmental stewardship. Consistently high quality, reliability and customer satisfaction levels together with fiscally and environmentally sound practices, engineering and effective use of state-of-the-art technology have earned us this leadership role in the community and across the utility industry.

Prince William Water has earned the trust of our customers, government, developers and other community partners for fair and efficient policies, engineering expertise and a collaborative approach to projects and problem-solving. We measure success by performance, including top independent ratings for customer service, regulatory compliance and safety. Chartered by county and state government in 1983 to run as an independent agency, we blend our civic priorities with a data-driven, business culture of accountability to make sure every dollar is spent wisely and in the best interest of our customers and the community.

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Proven Excellence in Safety and Reliability

Prince William Water is widely respected for exacting standards around safety and reliability. Prince William Water has the most rigorous level of service and performance benchmarks of any water utility in the region. The success in meeting those tough standards has earned the utility some of the best performance marks in the industry. Highlights include:

  • 100% regulatory compliance for 15 years running at the H.L. Mooney Advanced Water Reclamation Facility.
  • 99.999% reliability and availability for water and sewer service.
  • 90% on annual, independent customer satisfaction surveys.
  • Numerous state and national safety awards in the last 10 years.
  • Strong partnerships with developers and other water utilities. Prince William Water’s best practices have been shared industry-wide through trade groups.

Respected Community Partnerships

Prince William Water is a fully engaged community partner, not just a water and wastewater utility. The utility is active in regional groups like the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, Virginia Water and Wastewater Agency Response Network, Upper Occoquan Service Authority, Northern Virginia Regional Commission and others. Prince William Water safeguards the environment through advanced engineering practices as well as school and community partnerships.

Prince William Water also actively works with local government and learning institutions in the region on educational curricula, science fairs and other initiatives to inspire and train the next generation of industry professionals.

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Great Value, Essential Service

Behind every convenient turn of the spigot or flush of a toilet is a complicated lifecycle to clean water that involves massive infrastructure investments and high standards around safety, quality, environmental protection and other factors. The more you learn about clean water, the more you see the value in what Prince William Water does as well as some of the unseen costs that go into high quality water service.

  • Prince William Water oversees a massive infrastructure of more than 2,400 miles of pipeline that handle up to 56 million gallons of water a day and 43 million gallons of wastewater a day. Maintenance and repairs are performed daily, while the utility focuses on Maintenance and repairs are performed daily, while the utility focuses on replacing or upgrading key components of the collection and distribution system.
  • The timelines for water and sewer projects can stretch for years, even decades. Prince William Water is constantly working to set rates that are steadily affordable while ensuring adequate funding for much-needed work to keep its system among the most advanced anywhere in the U.S.

Efficient, Personalized Service

Whether on the phone, online or in the field, Prince William Water provides more than 97,500 customer accounts with personalized customer service interactions, almost all of which are still one-on-one conversations. Whether it’s problem-solving or setting up new service, Prince William Water professionals are knowledgeable and friendly in providing the best possible service for the utility dollar.

Financial Reports

Transparency with our customers is at the heart of our organization. View our Annual Comprehensive Financial Reports, Annual Business Plan and Capital Improvement Program manual to learn more about our investments and priorities.

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