In Service of Prince William County

For over 40 years, Prince William Water has proudly served our community, providing reliable drinking water and exceptional wastewater service. We are a mission-driven organization with a passion for providing clean water and outstanding service to our customers.

Our long-term Vision is set by our Board of Directors. It supports our Areas of Excellence and guides our organization through 2032. Our Mission proudly states our commitment to Prince William County, providing direction to our daily operations and short- and medium-term decision making. Both the Mission and Vision are supported by our Strategic Plan and Annual Business Plan. Together, our Mission and Vision set the course for our organization to become a national leader in drinking water and wastewater service and a valued member of our community.

Board of Directors' Vision 2032

Our Board of Directors' Vision informs our Mission and Areas of Excellence. It guides our actions, decision-making and planning to direct us toward becoming a trusted public steward and a national leader in drinking water and wastewater service. Read the document to learn more about our Mission, Vision & Areas of Excellence.

Cover of the Prince William Water Board of Directors' Vision 2032