Prince William Water currently has a staff of 9 full time permanent inspectors and 2 full time temporary inspectors covering a variety of projects ranging from capital improvement projects such as water storage tanks and sewage pump stations to development project such as subdivisions and commercial developments throughout Prince William County. Areas outside of Prince William Water's responsibility for inspection are Dale City, The City of Manassas and The City of Manassas Park.


Inspector’s Mission

  • Provide the highest quality water and sewer infrastructure possible to assure public health and welfare for the citizens of Prince William County.
  • Provide the most efficient and reliable service possible to our customers.



1. Inspectors employed by Prince William Water are authorized to:

A. Inspect all materials furnished for compliance with the approved product list.

B. Inspect all work associated with water and sewer utilities to assure that it is performed in strict accordance with the approved plans and specifications.

2. Inspectors are not authorized to:

A. Alter or waive any of the conditions outlined in Prince William Water’s Utility Standards Manual (USM) for development projects.

B. Alter or waive any of the conditions outlined in the contract documents and specifications for the Capital Improvement Projects without the permission of the project engineer.

C. Make any changes to the approved plans unless there is a discrepancy between the plans and USM or contract documents and specifications.

It is the responsibility of the inspector to call to the attention of the contractor any non- conformances with the plans or specifications during construction. He or she has the authority to reject substandard work and materials and suspend work that is being improperly performed. Such inspection shall not relieve the contractor of any obligation to furnish acceptable materials or to provide completed construction that is in strict accordance with the approved plans and specifications. At no time will Prince William Water’s inspector act as the contractor’s foreman.


General Inspections Policies


1. Construction:

A. All water and sanitary sewer construction will be done in strict accordance with the approved project plans, specifications, and Prince William Water’s Utility Standards Manual in effect at the time the Utility Permit is issued.B. Construction will not be allowed to begin until all of the criteria of the design review process has been approved, fees paid, and Prince William Water has granted permission.C. A preconstruction meeting is required on all projects. Prince William Water’s Utility Inspections Supervisor or his representative will hold the meeting when the Utility Permit is issued.


2. Permits:

A. The contractor is responsible for obtaining a Utility Permit from Prince William Water. The contractor can contact the Engineering Department at (703) 335-7930 to obtain current permit fees.B. The contractor is also responsible for having all other permits and approvals necessary to construct his project. This may include, but not be limited to Prince William County (PWC) Land Disturbance Permit, Plumbing Permit, and Erosion and Sediment Control Permit, Corps of Engineers Wetlands Permit, Virginia Department of Health’s Certificate to construct and the Virginia Department of Transportation Land Use Permit.C. The Contractor/Developer is also responsible for having a copy of the current Prince William Water Utility Standards Manual (USM). Copies can be obtained from the Engineering Department. A copy of the USM must be located on the job site at all times.


3. Safety:

It is the Contractor/Developer’s responsibility to comply with all State and Federal Safety requirements pertaining to his project. If an unsafe condition is identified on the job site, Prince William Water’s utility inspector will advise the highest-ranking member of the contractor’s staff at the project of the violation. Under no circumstances will Prince William Water’s utility inspector provide directions of any kind on how to correct the problem, other then declaring an apparent unsafe condition exists. Inspection services will not be rendered until such time as the problem has been corrected. Failure to correct an unsafe condition or repeated conditions will result in immediate notification to the Virginia Occupational Safety and Health Administration.4. Work Outside Regular Hours:

A. Requests for inspection services outside of regular hours (8am to 4pm Monday through Friday) are to be made by phone to the Utility Inspections Area Supervisor no less than 3 days prior to the scheduled work. All costs for inspection services provided outside of regular working hours for the convenience of the contractor will be reimbursed to Prince William Water. The Utility Inspections Supervisor shall compute all overtime costs. The overtime rate will include hourly wages, including overtime, holiday pay, and equipment costs. The contractor will be invoiced for the costs of the inspection services on a monthly basis, or at the discretion of the Utility Inspections Supervisor, upon conclusion of the work. Failure to pay fees will result in denial of inspection services.

B. Prince William Water reserves the right to refuse requests for overtime services at any time.


5. Work in Inclement Weather:

Work is not allowed during stormy or inclement weather unless Contractor can demonstrate that it can be done satisfactorily and in a workmanlike manner.


6. Field Changes:

A. Prince William Water Utility Inspectors are empowered to request and obtain minor field changes to the approved plans. This usually consists of additional valves, changes in grade, or other adjustments, which will not affect easements, reduce hydraulic capacity or change the alignment. For such minor changes, the utility inspector will simply note the change on the Field Drawings.

B. In most cases however, the Developer or their Engineer initiates field changes. In such situations, and where substantive changes to approved construction drawings are necessary, a formal field change will be required to be submitted to Prince William Water’s Engineering Department for review and approval prior to installation.


7. Materials & Workmanship:

A. It is the intent of Prince William Water specifications to describe definitely and fully the character of materials and workmanship required with regard to all ordinary features, and to require first-class work and materials in all particulars.

B. Any discrepancies or conflicts shall be brought to the attention of Prince William Water at the pre-construction meeting.

C. Reuse of materials is not permitted without the prior approval of Prince William Water. Prince William Water also reserves the right to salvage any and all existing materials.


8. Resolution of Problems:

The contractor will make effort to resolve any problems encountered in the field with the utility inspector assigned to the project. If a problem cannot be resolved, the utility inspector will bring it to the attention of the Utility Inspection Area Supervisor for resolution.