Prince William Water is responsible for the existing and future public water and sanitary sewer systems in most of Prince William County. This involves the general maintenance, upgrades, and new construction of sewer and water facilities as the need arises in our community. To accomplish new construction on private property, it becomes necessary to acquire easements and right-of-way to allow installation of utilities and to guarantee access for future maintenance by a public agency. Prince William Water's goal is to ensure that an easement right is obtained in the most fair and economical means without adversely impacting the property. This brochure will provide you with information about Prince William Water's process of acquiring easements and right-of-ways for our utility projects as well as answers to commonly asked questions regarding this process. Prince William Water is prepared to assist you by all means available so that you develop a clear understanding of the project as well as its impact and benefits to you, your property and the citizens of Prince William County.


Easement Frequently Asked Questions