Project Description

The Occoquan River Crossing Project is a collaboration between three providers of drinking water: Fairfax Water, Prince William Water, and Virginia American Water. This project consists of designing and constructing two new 42-inch parallel water mains that will cross under the Occoquan River inside a 400-foot-long tunnel and connect to existing water mains on the Prince William County side of the river. In addition, a new water main will be installed to connect Fairfax Water’s Griffith Water Treatment Plant (located in Fairfax County) with the 42-inch water mains at the Occoquan River.

This project also includes the installation of a new drinking water pump at the Griffith Plant and two interconnections between existing water mains in Prince William County: one at Tanyard Hill Road and the other at the Horner Road Commuter Parking Lot.

The engineering design, design schedule, construction schedule, and construction process are being managed by Fairfax Water, with coordination among the three utilities.

Project Information

Project Start Date summer 2022
Construction Start Date summer 2022
Estimated Completion Date winter 2024

Current Project Activities

  • 1

    Backfilling the north-end access chamber to prepare for tie-in at the north end.

  • 2

    24-inch tie-in completed.

Additional Information

The information shown reflects current information about the project.