Prince William Water is proud to offer its H2Go Kids Virtual Classroom presentations. Offering eight SOL-related lessons with companion activity sheets, the exciting and educational world of drinking water and wastewater will come straight to your home or remote classroom.

Available Virtual Lessons

Water Wise

  • SOL targets: Resources, Conservations & Reuse

Water Cycle Magic

  • SOL targets: Resources, States of Matter & Conservation

The Big Stink

  • SOL targets: Resources, Pollution & Conservation 

Erosion Model

  • SOL targets: Erosion, Weathering & Protecting our Resources 


  • SOL targets: Resources, Human Impact & Conservation 


  • SOL targets: Resources, Human Impact & Watersheds 

Aquifer Model

  • SOL targets: Resources, Human impact & Earth's Composition 

3D Watershed

  • SOL targets: Watersheds, Protecting our Resources & Pollution 

Full details of our curriculum for the 2024-2025 school year can be viewed here. To schedule a virtual classroom presentation, please contact Community Outreach at or click on the button below. For more environmental lessons, experiments and activity sheets, visit H2GoKids!

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Graphic: two water drops with classroom equipment in a virtual classroom