Twenty-two Prince William County high school students received awards during Prince William Water’s 2024 Water Art Invitational on Thursday, March 14. The 154 submissions for this year’s Water Art Invitational depict the many ways in which water nurtures everything. This year’s artwork focused on the role of water as a life-sustaining resource and featured many images of plants, animals, children and families using it for survival and recreation.

Zarin Uddin, a senior at Forest Park High School, took home this year’s Grand Prize.

In her artist’s statement, Zarin explains: “Water is the lifeblood of our planet, enabling all living things with its vital essence. From delicate flowers to diverse animal species and even the intricate workings of the human body, water plays a fundamental role in sustaining life for everything on earth. Throughout this piece, water is symbolized as the renewal, cleansing, and fostering of its existence. Its ability to promote growth and highlight all living entities on Earth emphasizes the role water plays in nurturing everything.”

View the 2024 Water Art Invitational winning entries.

Category and General Manager's Award Winners are as follows:

Painting and Drawing:

First place: Gabriela Molina Otaiza, Colgan High School

Second place: Denise Jecynta Kamgaing, Colgan High School

Third place: Saeeda Tarakhail, Battlefield High School

Computer Graphics:

First place: Aaron Wiberg, Forest Park High School

Second place: Kaleb Pierce, Colgan High School

Third place: Lizzie M Hernandez Montalvo, Woodbridge High School


First place: Aurora Ramos, Colgan High School

Second place: Elise McGee, Forest Park High School

Third place: Stacy Reyes, Gar-Field High School

Keep Prince William Beautiful Choice Award:

Ryiah Rand, Colgan High School

General Manager’s Awards:

Jenelle Jackson, Battlefield High School

Erica Ortiz, Forest Park High School

Kasie Estrada, Gainesville High School

Leslie Navarro Serrano, C. D. Hylton High School

Grace Garrison, Patriot High School

Aaron Wiberg, Forest Park High School

Tatianna Anderson, Gar-Field High School

Terrence Anderson, Woodbridge High School

Erica Fox, Patriot High School

Taniah R Green, Gainesville High School

Kimberlin Lazo Palacios, C. D. Hylton High School

View winning artwork here.

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